Spread kindness like confetti – HR acts of kindness is back!

After a lot of reflection time and given all that we have been through in recent months, now more than ever, kindness is an essential element needed in our workplaces and our every day lives.

Kindness is the key component to a healthy, successful, and well-balanced life. These elements are all essential to our overall wellbeing and kindness is something that we do because we can, not because we should or are obligated to.

For many of you HR acts of kindness will be a new concept but it was actually founded in 2016 after the Brexit result brought so much divide and upset. Since then HR acts of kindness has appeared in Be Kind Magazine, has influenced behaviours at work all over the world and all through simple acts of kindness and there’s plenty of opportunity to get everyone involved!

Being kind isn’t a new thing, but it is too often overlooked when in fact it can be one of the most powerful tools that we each possess, so by encouraging kindness, it can become an everyday norm which can positively impact all areas of our lives including our workplaces which is not often associated with kindness. So why and how can kindness impact upon a person’s happiness at work? Kindness can promote and create a sense of gratitude, compassion and empathy as we are more in tune to those around us. At work, especially those in Management and Senior Managerial positions, being able to fully understand our people in these areas is essential to ensuring that employees are healthy, motivated and engaged.

HR acts of kindness has received so much support and encouragement from all over the world and it has been my biggest career achievement so I am delighted to be bringing it back to continue its legacy.

The calendar form of HR acts of kindness was by far the most popular so this is has been brought back in this form but with a little bit more practicality. The calendar aims to create kinder, more positive workplace and remote workplace cultures. Bringing people together whent hey may be apart during the current climate.

It covers topics such as Black Lives Matter, Equality and Inclusion, every day kindness, little challenges and mental health tips throughout. Each month a new calendar will appear on the blog and a prize will be given to one lucky participant!

The calendar has a task for you to print off and cross off each day and when you do the tasks, feel free to share them on your social media using the #HRactsofkindness

So get ready to spread some kindness everywhere you go, the calendar launches on 1st July at 08:00 am (GMT).

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