#HRactsofkindness be kinder to yourself


Welcome to week two of HR acts of kindness!

This week, it’s al about how we can be kinder to ourselves. As we are already well aware, life can generally be very stressful, there are so many demands on our time such as juggling work with quality time with our loved ones, it makes it difficult to fit in that much needed “you time”.

Given that HR acts of kindness encourages us to be kinder to those within our workplaces and people around us, it can seem difficult to practice kindness when it can feel that the world is upon your shoulders; so by being kinder to ourselves, it helps us to be more positive and therefore more likely to practice kindness on a more regular basis.

This week, I have three new options for you to practice being kinder to yourselves, there will be daily tweets of inspiration too so do make sure you follow along on Twitter!

Be aware of your self critic – we can often be seen as our own worst enemies, are you constantly in fear of failure in one way or another? You are human and self criticism (or too much of it) can be incredibly damaging, be gentle on yourself as much as possible and instead offer yourself some praise or even seek to learn from that inner critic.

Ask for help if you need it – whatever you may be going through, a problem shared is a problem halved, remember, you are not the first person going through it and you will by no means be the last. If its a career funk you find yourself in, ask people you trust in your network for guidance, if you have personal problems, seek support from your family or if you are struggling with your mental health, speak to your GP. There is no shame in seeking help when you need it the most.

Let it go! – Be like Elsa and realise that life is unpredictable, you cannot control everything that life throws our way and we don’t always get what we want! All we can do is tune in to the here and now and handle it the best way that we can, once we get into this way of thinking, peace of mind becomes a lot more of the norm!


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