Exciting announcement! CIPD Students Q&A coming soon!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick message from me to tell you about an exciting new venture coming to the blog! Following a number of direct messages and requests from fellow CIPD students, I will be doing a series of videos to answer your burning questions in relation to all things relating to those essential CIPD qualifications.

I am incredibly passionate about the future of our profession and I firmly believe that by sharing experiences and knowledge we can empower and inspire others to consider HR as a career option, but we can also achieve great things together. I am by no means perfect, but I fully appreciate how intimidating that first step towards your studies can appear alongside the struggles and pressures that come with fitting in your studies especially whilst juggling home and work. Having studied my CIPD level 3, 5 and now 7 all via distance learning, I wanted an opportunity to give something back and as always, my network provides no end of inspiration for me to help others with their study journeys.

The videos will be uploaded regularly to the blog starting from Monday 5th August 2019, so if you have a question if you are thinking of studying a qualification, if you’re unsure if studying is right for you, how do you find the time to study etc. ask me absolutely anything (within reason!)

To submit your question, please leave a comment for me in the box below, message me directly on Linked In (I am always delighted to connect!) or tweet me over on Twitter and I look forward to helping you with your career journey.

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