How to be productive when working from home

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney

Flexible working has not only become a top priority for employers, it is also a desirable for job candidates. As a result, working from home is continuing to grow in popularity, from saving money on your daily commute and no office interruptions, it can be a really effective way to handle those admin or project days.

It does however come with some challenges and the main concern from employers when allowing their employees to work from home is measuring how productive working from home can be, so there is a big emphasis upon trust on both sides of the employment relationship.

If like me, working from home is something you are able to do on occasion, it can be difficult to keep focused, so here are some easy ways that you can be your most productive self at home:

Keep to your normal work day routine

Being at home often means it is time for rest or downtime, and this can easily encroach on your allocated working time, so set a plan for the day and treat it as if it is any other normal day at the office. I get up early, take Bron (my French Bulldog) for a walk and get ready. It is all about mindset, so stay away from those daytime TV shows, stay motivated and focus on the tasks at hand.

Create your workspace

Ensure that you have a separate area to act as your work space that is not an area where you rest or can be easily distracted. This will make you feel like you are at work and will help you maintain that mindset whilst working, but it also creates separation between your rest and working space so you are not tempted to put in extra hours when you should be getting your resting time in. Personally, I prefer a clutter free space with only my laptop and phone because having too much stuff on my desk gives me head noise!

Plan your day

It sounds so simple but by planning your day effectively can give you a much needed structure away from potential home distractions such a housework. Create a to do list and include tasks you would like to have completed by the end of your day (just like you would at work!) it’ll help to keep you on track. Make sure you set a time to end your working day, at the office, the end of the working day is more obvious as you may leave with colleagues or notice the office gradually depleting, at home it’s easy to keep going without noticing so make sure you set a time to end your day and stick to it.

Take a break

Ensure that you take a break throughout the working day just as you would (or should!) at work, we are less productive when we don’t, and that doesn’t just apply when we are in the office! I’m fortunate to live in a town so I am able to stretch my legs for a bit and head out to the local café for a coffee, I also take lunchtime walks regularly when I am at work, it helps me feel much more refreshed and productive when I get back to my desk.

Stay motivated

Avoid putting on a box set or conducting social media activities whilst working, you will find it super difficult to get into your work and its really demotivating so keep the distractions at bay, if you need some background noise because silence is distracting in itself, then pop on the radio or a motivational playlist, after all, music can be a fantastic motivator!

And relax!

Once you have completed your very productive work day, make sure you take time to wind down, go to your exercise class, watch some TV or speak to your loved ones and forget about work until the next day!

7 thoughts on “How to be productive when working from home

  1. Hi Natalie,

    I’ve blogged for around eighteen months. Although my writing is not about work, my professional background is in Human Resources.

    I enjoyed reading this, it’s well written and interesting.

    Do you post on LinkedIn?

    Kind regards.


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    1. Hi Phill,

      Congratulations on your blog! It’s always great to meet (virtually!) other HR professionals.

      Thank you for your kind words and yes I do post on Linked in so it would be great to connect and share on there also.

      Best wishes,

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