HR acts of kindness – January musings


January is known for being dull, grey and cold. Generally miserable to most, but as with most things, I always see the new year with a new month as a fresh opportunity.

Winter is the perfect time to reflect upon the past and making new plans for the future, this could be in your career, your personal life or an area of development that you’ve been putting off for a while.

Over Christmas, I had a lot of time to reflect upon what made 2018 so special, and HR acts of kindness was one of those very special things. It has been incredible over the past two years to see people from all over the world brought together through this simple initiative. It has made so many people smile all over the world, so firstly, let me thank each of you who have been a part of it so far, you’re all awesome!

Kindness in our workplaces is becoming more important, and as we face Brexit this year, having a united approach and supporting each other couldn’t be more necessary. Kindness, alongside other values like trust and respect; they give people fulfilment and create a sense of purpose which can easily translate into a workplace environment.

Kindness is a universal language, and whilst the message around the HR acts of kindness initiative is intended to spread workplace kindness, this year, HR acts of kindness will continue, but as with almost everything, it needs to evolve!

Therefore, each month, there will be just one task to complete at work and there may be some little additional blogs of success stories along the way, so do contact me if you have a story you’d like to share.

This month, the first task of 2019 is aimed at development. Think about a time in your career when someone taught you something that you didn’t know before, that feeling of sharing and gaining knowledge is incredibly powerful, so this month, why not utilise your knowledge to teach someone else something new and give them that feeling?

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