Reflections on Mental Health Awareness Week


Today marks the end of Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 and so this week, I have taken some time to reflect about my personal thoughts and feelings.

As you may (or may not) have noticed, my blogs and social media presence have not been as consistent as they would normally, this is because I’m having to make a stark admittance to myself, I am struggling.

After a non-stop four years, my mental health has started to suffer and whilst I love nothing more than the busyness of my successful career, sometimes we have to recognise and listen to what our minds and bodies need. Mine right now is screaming at me to stop.

Whilst this post is not to cause alarm or upset, it may seem like an overshare or just a tad too personal, but I thought it was a positive way to use my platform to highlight a problem that could be more active within the HR community than we realise. HR are often seen as a processing department or there to dig the organisation out of trouble, and whilst to extent that may be true, the reality is sometimes it’s impossible not to carry the weight of the job around on your shoulders given the exposure to some difficult and challenging situations.

HR get involved in some people problems that most probably wouldn’t think would ever enter the workplace, trust me, we have a few stories to tell and most you wouldn’t believe, yet HR often get involved to provide support and guidance at times we are needed the most (more often after the event!)

Even though my struggles are personal, having read through the various articles this week in respect of promoting more positive mental health within organisations and encouraging everyone to prioritise their mental health, I feel that this couldn’t be more welcomed. I am fortunate to have more good days than bad, and whilst I try to hold on to those positives, I have to understand that my mental health sometimes doesn’t allow for my “brave face” I am not alone in this approach and would encourage those who may be struggling, to ensure you have the right support around you.

I recognise that I need to slow down, I need to say no more and I must not keep things bottled up as this is no use to anyone, so I’ve discovered the downsides to mental health actually allow me to see that it is ok to say no to some commitments and its ok to prioritise my own self care. Ultimately all everyone wants is to be healthy and happy, and I’m currently working on getting myself back to my best, I’m also hoping that by sharing my thoughts and feelings, it may encourage others to have those crucial conversations.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank and appreciate those who have given me so much support lately, I wouldn’t be getting through this without you and you know who you are. A special mention for my French Bulldog Bron, he is a fantastic listener with those huge ears and endless cuddles!

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