Getting my bounce back…


After recent events in my personal life, I have realised that my previous blog post appeared to be not very “me” and in all honesty, I thought I would throw in the towel and place the blog on hold for a while.

Thankfully,  I have decided against that, because I love writing and using my platform to inspire others to follow their career dreams and aspirations.   

I do believe that within my professional capacity, I cannot advice, guide and support others if I don’t believe in practicing what I preach. That post was particularly honest and vulnerable and whilst there are “rules” on how to present yourself when you have a profile, this fake “show no weakness” approach, simply doesn’t work for me. I hope by showing my vulnerable side, it may encourage others to speak up and ask for support and help when they need it the most.  

So, instead of letting my circumstances beat me, I am now working to become stronger and investing in myself more (as everyone should!) the blog and the little community we have within HR has endlessly supported me over the past few weeks. I’m getting my bounce back!

I have surrounded myself with some incredibly positive people, I have a great family and friends behind me who are helping me re-discover my passions so I can keep doing what I love. So, I am committed to making my blog posts more regular and focusing on not just the wellbeing stuff but how we as HR professionals can add value in so many ways to our organisations. The blog itself will be looking different soon and I’m very excited about how it will definitely be a bit more me!

One thought on “Getting my bounce back…

  1. You are a very inspirational person, showing your vulnerable side, shows strength and courage, as well as letting people know they are not alone. I’m glad you have decided to carry on with your blog, looking forward to reading about you next challenge and outcome x

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