HR acts of kindness advent calendar; 12th December, creating a culture of kindness


Can you believe that we are actually halfway through HR acts of kindness? It seems that December is passing us by and it is often the case that at this time of year, whilst our intentions are good, kindness can often be overlooked through the chaos.

In short, today is not a challenge or task based one, it is about creating a culture of kindness and how it can make all the difference to the environments that we are exposed to.

Kindness is a universal language, and whilst the message around the HR acts of kindness initiative was intended to spread workplace kindness, it has since evolved and become much more widespread which is fantastic and I’d like to thank everyone for their support with the initiative as it simply wouldn’t be possible without you. Kindness, alongside other values like trust and respect; they give people fulfilment and create a sense of purpose which can easily translate into a workplace environment.

By creating a culture of kindness within the workplace, this can obviously help support a happier workforce but ultimately it can positively impact upon the bottom line which is good news all round. This all sounds lovely, but in reality, it is overlooked purely because it is not seen as a priority. How many organisations can honestly say that their managers and senior leaders actively encourage kindness and human connection at work?

Sadly the answer is not many.

Being kind is a quality that we can all share, and to be kind, it must be recognised that it is an element that comes from the heart, not from the head which is where many would question its place within their organisations; “people are there to work, not to feel” and I felt it was time to change that.

Being kind and encouraging this within our workplaces means that we have to reveal a degree of vulnerability which in itself is seen as a risk and in some extreme cases; a weakness, it is not seen as important as performance, productivity and competition as that is the natural position for organisations and kindness is outside of that comfort zone.

I think it is particularly relevant especially within these times of  instability, to consider  if it would be a greater risk not to try something new, even if it is just to see if it works.

In today’s society, there is a place for vulnerability, many professional people in fact make a good living from it! Most people are generally nervous about sharing their personal experiences that reveal their struggles when they’re at work for fear it will expose them up to judgment or criticism, however people are drawn to and are inspired by stories of transformation. Sharing stories like these can help colleagues to connect which gives purpose and brings a sense of community; truly connecting and being human within the workplace.

Big impacts can be seen as a result of small actions, by saying good morning and smiling, this can positively impact upon someone’s day. They may seem like nothing but these  small actions by one person can kick start a ripple effect, it starts with only one person to change their behaviour. A change in thinking can positively impact upon behaviour and this then creates influence and inspiration to others so they can also reflect and change their own behaviour.

It is really easy to start practicing kindness at work by carrying out random acts of kindness during your day, so keep following along with HR acts of kindness and let’s make those small changes for a big difference.






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