Mentoring – it’s something HR are born to do

“Focus on what you have to offer rather than what you don’t have to offer”

When you went for your very first HR interview, how did you feel? Apprehensive? Nervous?

Looking back at that experience now, a few years later; a little bit older, much wiser; what do you think about it? Do you look back and laugh and think it’s crazy you were so nervous and unsure? I know I do!

It’s knowing what you know now that makes that experience feel so much smaller than it was at the time; but if you reflect upon it, you wanted that job more than anything else at that moment, and as the interviewer asked you all of those testing questions, all you can do is answer them to the best of your ability. Then before you know it, you’re back in the reception area handing in your visitors pass and hoping for the best.

You wait patiently for what seems like forever (but in reality it was only a matter of days); you get that call and the offer you wanted so badly is now yours. The next questions is, where do you go from here?

As part of the Northamptonshire CIPD branch, I am responsible for coordinating the mentoring scheme and whilst it has only recently launched earlier this year, this scenario is more common than you think.

As HR professionals, we have so much to offer even when you don’t necessarily believe it and it’s that support that can make all the difference. CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese, has consistently emphasised the importance to positively shape our profession and how we can influence this; local branch mentoring is the essential step to achieving this.

By helping our colleagues to effectively support their careers in an ever changing environment, is not only necessary, it is essential. With the increasingly complex challenges that come with today’s world of work, there is a need for HR professionals to find fulfilling careers, and with HR claiming to be the heart of every business, isn’t it time we reflected on our profession once in a while?

By engaging with each other, HR have the ability to truly innovate to influence the future direction of our profession. This is a far better option than squeezing into the traditional boxes that no-one seems to fit in these days. One thing that we can be sure of is that we are the only ones that can really determine what that looks like which is why it is so important that we actively support each other.

As I have said so many times before, we all have something to offer irrespective of our workplace backgrounds, membership levels, qualifications and job titles. Someone out there could really use your experience to enhance their career so why not consider mentoring a fellow HR professional? You never know you could be helping support a future HR Director or Chief Executive.





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