HR Acts of Kindness: encouragement


Your words have the power to inspire others to help them become something they never thought was possible.

Last week’s HR Acts of Kindness saw us use our words to pass on positive messages to those around us and I’ve received some lovely messages from all over the world telling me how this simple idea has really helped their own outlook at work or at home in challenging times. Thank you for all getting in touch and spreading your positivity!

For every positive, there’s always going to be the attraction of a negative opinion, that is if you actively seek them. By having a positive outlook, this will help someone succeed; this has certainly been the case for me recently, I’ve avoided doing my coursework for a long time until my husband said to me, it’s not going to do itself, yes you’re busy, but this matters to you so you need to rethink how you feel about it and get stuck into the books!

That small piece of encouragement really struck a chord with me, so I picked up my laptop and started work again almost instantly. We are all familiar with scenarios like this, so why not inspire others when they’re struggling to focus or if they lack self belief?

Encouragement inspires so many things, it could be a new business idea, a project or even an exam, a little encouragement goes a long way.

This week, choose to encourage and inspire people to be the best they can be, no matter how big or small, encouragement creates some amazing things. We rise when we support each other.

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