What does a HR consultant do?

Having been an HR consultant for a number of years, for businesses, an HR consultant is an expensive investment, therefore it is crucial that they work with the right consultant for them and what their business needs.

If you are considering hiring an HR Consultant for your business, I’ve put together a handy guide to break down some of the tasks that a consultant could assist you and your business with.

So what is an HR consultant and why do I need one?

HR consulting is a type of management consulting. It is the HR consultant’s role to ensure that their clients are correctly advised on HR best practice and to help them deal effectively with difficult situations and consciously grow their business by attracting the right people. The HR consultant’s role includes tasks such as:

  • Looking at internal HR practices, procedures and guidelines
  • Making sure company policies are implemented throughout the business
  • Making recommendations as to how HR practices and operations can be improved
  • Assisting with recruitment and retention of employees
  • Giving guidance on salary or other issues with remuneration
  • Assisting with legal matters, including dismissals, disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Keeping clients up to date with legislation and employment practice developments

Risks for employers are increasing

As awareness of employment law increases within the media, employees in turn have become more aware of their rights and therefore the risk exposure for employers is much greater. Tribunal fees were abolished and therefore it costs nothing for an employee to raise a tribunal claim but it will cost the employer on average £7,000 just to defend it (before any awards are given).

Business leaders and owners are not expected to be experts in everything, the strength comes from the expertise you choose to surround yourself with.

Work with me!

From 17th February 2020, my career dreams will come true as I become an independent HR consultant! Why not get in touch to discuss how I could help your business grow through effective people management?

7 thoughts on “What does a HR consultant do?

  1. I’m just now taking my business to the next level, and I had some concerns surrounding adding dedicated HR staff to my company. I’ve seen it done in other businesses, and sadly often with less-than-great results. It’s a problem when HR staff comes in, and even though they have no experience or exposure to the industry, feel it necessary to be able to disrupt the company culture with overly generalized assumptions.

    An HR consultant seems like the perfect compromise though, and a lot lower risk for the company than bringing on a whole new employee whose job would be nothing more than to manage the other, already existing employees.

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    1. That is absolutely right, any consultant worth their salt would truly partner with your business and guide in accordance to that. This is the approach I take with my clients because there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.


  2. I had never considered hiring an HR consultant before, and I’m so glad I found your blog. Right now I’m the CEO (I guess, lol) of a very small company that has just received backing from some major banks. unfortunately, receiving this funding means that I have to hire more people, and quickly. Being just one step up from a startup, it’s been tough to gain the confidence of top talent. Looking into consultants might be much better, since they could take my business on as a client without being asked to commit fully to my company while it’s still so new. Maybe they’d be more willing to take a chance on me on a consulting basis?

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  3. Would it be possible to get an HR consultant just to help with hiring and new employee onboarding? My business runs pretty smoothly otherwise, but I can’t take time away from my staff and daily operations to handle this all on my own.

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  4. Thank you for explaining that part of the HR consultant’s role is to ensure that their clients are correctly advised on HR best practices and help them deal effectively with difficult situations and consciously grow their business by attracting the right people. My friend opened a business but since she doesn’t have much connection, she’s struggling at hiring professionals that can help her. I think having an HR consultant will greatly help her in recruiting the right people for the role.


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