Thinking of starting your own HR blog?


Hello everyone!

Long time no speak, I’ve so much to share with you all soon, it has been the most hectic few weeks of my life and hopefully I am nearly at the end of the tunnel.

Ok so I thought I’d do a quick whistle stop blog on a subject I get asked all. the. time. “How did you start your blog?” “Can I write a HR blog” the simple answer is yes, you most certainly can!

I started my blog nearly three years ago and what a journey it has been, it’s helped me develop myself, I’ve met some incredible people, I have even secured a sponsorship deal!

So if you’re thinking of starting your own HR blog, you can do it, you just need a little faith, time and patience (writers block is very real!) so here are my top tips to getting yourself blogging away in no time.

  1. You are the only one on your journey; there may be other HR blogs but every career path is unique so why not share it? You never know, you may inspire someone to really go for the goals they want to achieve or into a career they thought they weren’t “good enough” for.
  2. Share your experiences but be careful! Working in a confidential profession is never easy and most people wouldn’t believe what we see and hear, it’s safe to say that nothing could possibly surprise us; however, be sure not to name specific cases, rather use case studies structures to convey what you’d like to talk about.
  3. Be yourself! People believe in other people; if you were in sales and didn’t believe in the product you were selling, would others buy that product from you? The answer is absolutely not. Be yourself, embrace your unique qualities and perspectives, don’t try to be like someone else because if you do you won’t be true to yourself and your blog will become a chore. So give it some welly and have some fun with it!

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