Back from the future: Is L&D ready? #CIPDMAP17

The session was hosted by Teresa Rose from E.ON. The purpose of the session is to establish what the future looks like and how this is impacted by the use of data and how we learn from each other.

Let’s go five years into the future; what does your business look like, what technology are you using, what capabilities do you have and what are your expectations and more importantly that of our customers?

Capability and culture play a key role in the transition to maintain pace with changing environments, expectations and technology with the introduction of AI. It depends on your business environment and the style of your employee and client base, for example we are now working with five different generations; how can you appeal and successfully deliver training that transcends the multi-generations. Will we deliver training differently? The answer is simply most certainly, are organisations adequately prepared? The general feeling around the room insinuated that they were aware of the changes. but were not adequately prepared, there is no one size fits all approach but all of these factors should be taken into account when designing and developing training for the future.

The CIPD are continuously advising on the importance of CPD, what are you doing to ensure your journey continues? There is a strong emphasis on personal responsibility to be accountable for your career development so individuals cannot rely upon organisations delivering what they need when they are unaware of the requirement, so the next time you’re having your annual appraisal with your manager, make sure you tell them your expectations and really pinpoint your development needs.



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