Back to my CIPD studies #ICSRealStories


I am incredibly excited about this blog post as I can now finally reveal that over the next year or so, I am going to be working in partnership with ICS Learn to complete my CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management.

After completing my CIPD Level 7 Certificate with ICS earlier this year; I was delighted to be approached by ICS to top up my qualification to a full Diploma by being a part of their ICS Real Stories.

Many people assume that I am already fully CIPD qualified as I’ve been in HR for such a long time, but in reality, I was so focused on climbing the career ladder to gain the experience to achieve my qualifications comfortably. The reason I am doing this now is because it feels like the Diploma is a missing piece to my career, I strive to achieve Chartered CIPD membership, so whilst experience is essential, studying goes hand in hand with our experiences to help support and strengthen our career opportunities.

I am by no means an academic person, so the next few months will be a rollercoaster and from a personal perspective, I have a lot of commitments; I work full time, I have two step children that keep me on my toes, I volunteer for my local CIPD branch and I also have my role with Steps Ahead. This is why it is so important for me to find flexibility with a training provider, so after my previous experience with ICS, taking them up on this offer was a no-brainer.

So the four modules I am going to be covering on the course are:

  1. Human Resource Management in Context
  2. Leading, Managing and Developing People
  3. Developing Skills for Business Leadership
  4. Investigating a Business Issue from an HR Perspective

In addition there are two CIPD-set exams, which in all honesty, I am nervous about but I am reassured that there are plenty of practice opportunities for me before those big days arrive!

Over the coming months, I will be sharing my journey with you via a number of ways, the blog will be the main port of call, but I will also be tweeting on Twitter, sharing on my Linked In and finally, making some v-logs on YouTube. If you have any direct questions for me, then do post a comment or contact me.

Are you also on your CIPD Level 7 journey with ICS? If so I’d love to hear your experiences.



This post is sponsored by ICS Learn.




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