Rediscover your workplace mojo

When we are motivated and inspired, we seem to be the most productive, we have a sense of purpose by delivering what we are meant to, by utilising our skills and feel that they are being put to the best use.

We all have successful people we admire and look up to and more often than not, we think their lives must be perfect; they may appear to be, but we are all human, do you think Richard Branson has only ever had good days? It’d be naive to think that he has, he’s certainly faced some challenges over the years!

Then for one reason or another; all of a sudden it feels that the carpet has swept from under your feet and you’re left feeling negative and thinking that you’ll not get back to your best. Perhaps it is a time of significant change to the organisation you work for and you may be feeling unsettled or perhaps your appraisal didn’t go as you had hoped.

Workplaces can be a place filled with frustration and stress; even if you are in a role you love, it is not usual to feel that you have lost your motivation sometimes and only demonstrates that organisations need to have robust wellbeing strategies in place to ensure productivity levels are consistent.

So how can you get back to a place where you are excited about your work? We cannot change the immediate environment and sweeping the issue away is not an option; but what you are able to do, is to review the opportunities that the negativity has presented. If you have received criticism, think about how you can put a positive spin on it by using it as an opportunity to develop. You cannot wait for positivity to come to you; you have to create your own; behaviour reflects how we think and feel, if we remain in a state of negativity, then it can make the initial situation even worse. In our profession, it is a situation we see all too often; dealing with the situation sooner rather than later will avoid long term damage to performance and working relationships.

We cannot plan for these events as we never know when they will occur but what we can do is prepare for how we respond when it does. Revisit your goals, review your development and see how you can learn from the experience, seek out the challenges and get to work on solving the puzzles.

Too often we take things at face value, when we start to dig deeper, that is where the real magic happens.


Developing capability for shifting times #cipdmap17

With only 28 days left until the annual CIPD Midlands Area Partnership conference, which is being held at Chesford Grange in Warwickshire and I thought it is perfect timing to start talking about what we can expect from the event.

CIPD MAP 16 was an incredible event, very well organised and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. So what can we expect from this years event?

First and foremost, there are still a limited amount of tickets left so if you would like to attend then do grab your tickets via the CIPD MAP page on their website.

Secondly, if you cannot make the event, do not dispare! I will be blogging and tweeting the event as we go.

The title for this year’s event is developing capability for shifting times and with this year’s keynote speakers being Olympic Athlete Derek Redmond and Influential Professor Rob Briner, this event looks set to be one of the most successful yet.

To start the day, there will be a breakfast session held at 8:30am with Russell Deathridge from LHH Penna to discuss delivering high performance with an agile workforce in uncertain times. This is on my must see list of the day and look forward to hearing Russell’s thoughts on this incredibly relevant topic.

From 9:15am you’ll find me and a host of other branch committee members signing you all in at the registration desks, please ensure you do this in plenty of time so you can get on with some networking prior to the welcome and introduction, plus, it’s a Saturday so grabbing a good coffee is incredibly important!

The welcome and introduction to this event will begin at 10:00am before handing over to our keynote speaker Derek Redmond. Derek, as well as being an olympic gold medallist, has been a motivational speaker for 17 years and is Group Performance Director at Thomas International, so be prepared for an incredibly inspiring start to the conference.

One part of the day I am really looking forward to is hearing from Rob Robson from Tata Technologies, his session is being held at 11:55am and he is speaking about creating the employee experience, this topic is not only relevant now but will be for years to come.

Then we have the breakout sessions starting at 12:40pm;

  • A. New ways of working – myth or reality? which will be led by Professor Donald Hislop and Dr Sarah Barnard
  • B. Back from the future – is L&D ready? Led by Teresa Rose, Digital Learning Expect at E.ON
  • C. Building and developing the skills needed for organisations across the Midlands to succeed in the UK, Europe and the World. Led by Angela Joyce, CEO at Warwickshire College
  • D. The future workforce: an educational perspective, led by Matthew Crawford

I’m planning to attend sessions A and D as my work recently has been influenced by what the future holds within the education system and how that will influence the workforce.

The last but no means least, the closing keynote will take place at 15:15pm with Rob Briner; Shaking the foundations: time to challenge some common assumptions about HR;  be prepared for some fantastic quotes from Rob, he never disappoints!

Don’t forget, there is a brilliant exhibition area too, so make sure you visit the stands as well as taking the time to network with HR and L&D colleagues from across the Midlands.

I hope to see lots of you there!