#cipdACE16 Exhibitors – Who I’ll be Visiting!

The CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition is the biggest HR event of the year and although it’s been going for nearly 70 years and I’ve been in HR for 10 years; this is the first one that I will get to attend! 400 people will be attending as well as 180 exhibitors so there is plenty to cover in the two small days that the conference runs for.

The theme for this year is “shaping the future of work” so it’ll be interesting to hear the thoughts of those leading the conference sessions but don’t forget about the themes and trends coming through from the exhibition area! I’ll be making my way around the exhibition area and hopefully bring some Periscope action live from this area, here are just some of the people I’ll be visiting throughout the two days.

  • Acacia Learning Ltd at stand F22, I would not be where I am today without these wonderful people. I studied my CIPD Level 3 with them back in 2011 and they supported me through my nomination at the CIPD awards in 2012 in the Michael Kelly Outstanding Student of the Year Award. I was a highly commended runner up and they were all there on the night with me. You will not get greater support than what Acacia gave me and I can’t wait to see them again!
  • DPG plc – at stand C10. I have done some work with DPG and it’s always good to pop along and show some support to those who have supported you in your career, I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store and what they think the future of work looks like
  • JVP Group at stand B75, I’m excited about this one as they’re doing complimentary caricatures and I’ve never had one before! Perhaps you could do a whole blogsquad one for us?!
  • The Happiness Index at stand B60. I’m looking forward to seeing the future of wellbeing as it’s a subject I am really passionate about
  • Fitnut at stand A15 again it centres on employee wellbeing but it’s an all in one solution so it’ll be interesting to see what they get up to
  • Perkbox at stand G132, I have been interested in what they have to offer for a while but like always it’s difficult finding the time so I’m looking forward to checking them out!
  • CIPD Steps Ahead at 3pm on both days – as a very proud ambassador it’ll be great to finally meet other ambassadors and support the team with their Steps Ahead talk

There are so many more that I’m sure I’ll get to stumble upon during my time there so I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone. I cannot believe the event is almost here, it’s incredibly exciting!


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