#HRActsofKindness February 2021 – Awareness

Today’s HR Acts of Kindness bring us to awareness; we are often so caught up in the everyday that we forget to make ourselves more aware of anything else that is going on around us or how we are feeling.

It is common to blame others for how we feel; we could have a fall out on social media with our friends over differing views which causes us to feel upset, or your manager is expecting the world from you, making you feel stressed.

It’s important to remember that our feelings come from our opinions of the situations we face – so today, my challenge to you is to stop and make yourself more aware of how you are feeling, write it down if it helps to clear your mind.

Being more aware of where your feelings are coming from will help prevent you from blaming others for how you are feeling, taking accountability by owning those feelings will help you feel more in control of them, mindset is a powerful thing!

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