From living room start up to trusted brand – the Rebox HR journey to Wembley Stadium…

What it takes to create a successful business; keep showing up!

It was the world Statesman Colin Powell who once said that ‘There are no secrets to success.’ He went on to add that success ‘is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.’

As a businesswoman who gave up a high paid corporate role and started a business from my living room with no savings, I genuinely know what it is like to work hard, to spend so much time on preparation and like so many others, learning from my failures.

As the Founder and Director of Rebox HR Ltd I know that more than ever a bespoke outsourced HR department for SME’s that delivers commercially viable and supportive HR services in a cost-effective and flexible manner is needed more than ever – and it is hard work and preparation that has taught me this.

I am about to head to Wembley Stadium – yes, the Wembley Stadium – as a Finalist at the prestigious SME National Business Awards 2022 on 2nd December 2022.

The Awards are in their sixth year and are recognised as the credible opportunity where the best SMEs in the UK are recognised and championed and my little business is up for Best New Business at the national awards (how crazy is that?!)

SO, what advice would I give to others who are reading this thinking ‘how do I get to Wembley?’

You cannot fake this stuff. You cannot pretend to be passionate about what you do and hope that it will take you places. We have a true passion for delivering a quality HR service and that is the driving force for our success.

We genuinely just like to do the best we can for our clients and to be recognised nationally is something we still can’t quite believe.

All that hard work and commitment to doing what we do does make a difference to our clients and to be recognised alongside some of the UKs best new businesses is very humbling but also very rewarding.

Will we win? I hope so but the real success for us as a business is the recognition that what we do makes a difference and the measure of that is we know our customers are happy.

That’s what makes a difference.

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