Order your copy of Launch Your HR Career here!

We have lift off! Here is the only place you can buy your limited edition copy of the book.

Launch Your HR Career is for those who want to grow their confidence, develop their resilience, discover their purpose and carve the best HR career for themselves. If you are a career changer, university student, already in HR and lack motivation or even someone with an interest in HR, this is the book for you. 

The copy you will receive from here will be different to that you’d be able to receive on Amazon, it is in full colour and will be signed just for you!

You can now order your copy of the book right here! The book costs £9.99 plus £2 postage and packaging, when making a payment, please email hello@reboxhr.co.uk if you’d like your signed book personalised!

Launch Your HR Career


Additionally, you will receive two months free access to the Launch Your HR Community on Facebook. Here you’ll meet other people who are making their HR journey, I’ll set you challenges to help you reach your goals, as well as career advice, such as crafting your CV to land your first HR role or if you are looking to progress but can’t seem to break that glass ceiling; and finally plenty of support from me!

Last but no means least, the first 10 people to place their order, will be invited to the exclusive online book launch party, where there will be a whole host of HR professionals and a sneaky preview of the book.

So strap yourself in and get ready to Launch Your HR Career!

9 thoughts on “Order your copy of Launch Your HR Career here!

  1. I’ve just ordered my copy! I feel like I’ve lost my resilience this year working through lockdown, with the challenges it’s brought in the workplace. I’m hoping this book will help to give me a bit of a boost and motivation to turn it around!

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  2. I just ordered my copy and cannot wait to receive it. I am just like you at the beginning of an HR career after working for years in Hospitality and Travel. I have just graduated the CIPD Level 3 Diploma too.
    Do you still offer access to the Facebook Community Group? I would love to interact with other specialists and get more help with my CV and get more career advice. Thank you!


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