#HRActsOfKindness is back! Challenge 1/5

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be bringing back #HRActsOfKindness this week for you all, I have had so many messages, emails and tweets from all over and I’m so pleased at how many of you want to get involved!

A warm welcome back to those who joined in last year, I loved hearing your stories from all over the world and it showed very quickly how together we can all make a difference just by being positive. I even had messages from people outside of HR who had been helped by their HR department as a result of the initiative.

For those joining us the first time around, a huge welcome to you and believe me, together we can achieve incredible things. It’s easy to follow, there is a challenge set each day for five days and all you need to do, is do them!

This initiative is not just for HR professionals, it is for everyone. The reason it was branded this was is because I believe that HR can be a function which challenges the status quo and leads by example. Secondly, it is simply what I do for a living!

Kindness is not a fluffy term by any stretch of the imagination, it is a carefully considered and purposeful selfless action that people do often without thought and without expectation.

The challenges I set for you each day at 8am are set with the purpose of simply passing kindness around from one person to another and spreading that through our organisations, to our friends and family.

Please feel free to share your stories with me by either commenting below or you can tweet me or even email me at natalie@ellishr.co.uk. Don’t forget to use the #HRActsOfKindness to get more people involved.

So are we ready to rock?! Of course you are!

Challenge 1

Send three positive messages to three different people that you are connected with.






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