#HRActsofKindness The chap with the monster feet!


Whilst I was at CIPD ACE 16, I met a young man on the MOL stand, little did I know that he had been following my blog and he bounced over to me wearing huge monster shaped slippers and introduced himself (this is a true story!). David told me that he felt inspired and really liked watching people get involved with #HRActsofKindness so he gave me some insight as to why he wanted to get involved this time around.

“I loved the idea of what you did last time however due to not really knowing the bloggers and HR individuals on Twitter I didn’t get involved myself. I regretted it after so when the opportunity came around to get involved now I threw myself at the opportunity. I feel there is so much going on and changing in the world we forget to stop and take appreciation of small things that happen such as a colleague making you a brew or a birthday taking place and I feel #HRActsofKIndness is a great way for people to do selfless acts of appreciation and generosity and like the film I seen as a child ‘Pay it forward’ I started it here in the MOL Learn office and now others are getting involved too and just discussing the things we do and the positive attitude I feel heightens within the workplace.”

David is a highly motivated person, who really wants to get involved and make a difference and he’s been up to all sorts, spreading kindness and motivating others which is why David is one of my first Kindness Champions. He’s also determined to step into a HR for a career so keep an eye out for him as whatever steps he takes, he’s certainly one to watch!



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