#HRActsofKindness Outside of the HR world


HR acts of kindness is not just for HR professionals, it is for everyone! I have asked different people from different backgrounds about what is means to them, in this short post, I spoke to Victoria Tretis from My Virtual Assistant Rocks and Sara Tomlin, full time teacher, part time child photographer for her business Urbairns Child Photography.

The thought process around this is to establish how HR can support different areas for the future and for good reason; how can we support the departments and colleagues around us and secondly to establish the expectations of future talent and generations allowing us to be more proactive rather than reactive to our environments.


“The saying that’s served me best in my entire career and personal life is: ‘kindness is how you treat others who can do nothing for you’. I encourage everyone to consider how they can be generous, either time or money, and #payitforward. That could be a postcard to an old friend or perhaps buying coffee for the person behind you in the coffee queue. Whatever you choose to do, the ripple effect of kindness will begin.”

My Virtual Assistant Rocks @myva_rocks on Twitter


“My personal mantra is ‘Work Hard and Be Kind’. As a teacher of young children I am always mindful to be kind and respectful to children. This not only helps them to feel valued but also models the behaviour we expect to see from them. Increasingly I see this behaviour is not being modelled outside of school so my role is vital in helping children to see the value of being kind.”

Urbairns Photography @urbairns on Twitter

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