#cipdACE16 Q&A with Peter Cheese

This morning the blogsquad had a chance to ask Peter Cheese any burning questions we had. It was fantastic as we had a small group and in a quiet area of the press office so it was really great to speak to him in a less formal and relaxed environment.

I asked Peter what he thought HR professionals could do to help shape the future of work and who were the key drivers to ensure change is successful. His answer was simple, it’s all down to the capability Of your line managers – it’s a case of need and opportunity.

He said that “Traditionally it is something HR is bad at. We focus on promoting on technical competence and forgetting the underlying skills required to manage and lead people effectively”.

“We need to open the channels of connection to line managers and invest in them which is an opportunity to develop businesses, this includes the emerging demand of smaller businesses”.
When speaking of the plans for the future; “The CIPD are working on investing in our HR function and building capability. The HR profession is not well established in many countries outside the US, UK, Australia and Asia is going to be an area which we project will see huge growth”.

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