#cipdACE16 who got you to where you are now? 

After listening to Margaret Heffernan’s talk during the opening keynote I can really relate to the above question she asked: who got you to where you are now?

Through mistakes, determination and innovation we can achieve anything, it is never a one man band effort.

I can honestly hand on heart openly tell people who helped me get to where I am today and it’s not through the normal, smooth roads that you’d expect!

I learnt my theory through the support and experience of my first HR role and the team at Woolworths (Entertainment UK). I also learnt quickly how a company can become financially unstuck…!

I studies my level three and was taught by the amazing team at Acacia Learning and during my studies, made friends and a support network for life, thank you Victoria and Thomas!

I learnt that you cannot trust everyone through managers who took credit for my work and passed it off as their own, I took this as a form of flattery and that knowledge is power. Never stop sharing ideas and knowledge it’s how we develop.

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