Happy 1st Birthday Natalie Ellis HR!

Wow what a year it has been! I cannot believe that my blog is already a year old and I couldn’t be prouder in what it has helped me to achieve over 12 short months.

So many highlights to cover! I have been featured in People Management Magazine, became a Steps Ahead Ambassador, was named as “a new voice” in the PM Social Media Power List, became a member of the Northamptonshire CIPD committee, caused a HR wave with “HR Acts of Kindness”, got to go to not one but two conferences MAP and ACE, was featured in the CIPD’s The Power of One campaign, spoke at a mentoring event, held a talk at Northampton college, made the 2016 ACE Blogsquad and last but not least; got that selfie with Peter Cheese!

If you’re thinking of blogging but not sure about it, just try it, you never know you might surprise yourself.

Last but not least a huge thank you to everyone who has read the blog and supported me throughout my journey so far; who knows what the future has in store for my little blog? All I know is that is may be small but it has opened so many doors for me and for that I’ll never regret taking that decision to start up the blog.

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