#HRActofKindness Simply Thank You…

Congratulations to all who took part in the #HRActofKindness challenge over the past five days.

Since the challenge began I have been inspired, connected with people all over the world (hello New Zealand, South Africa and USA!) and have pushed myself way out of my comfort zone.

This initiative has done exactly what it was designed to do; bring people together and to make us more aware of our surroundings.

The stories I have received have been incredible to read and whilst they may seem like small acts, they make a huge difference.

From an idea that stemmed from my journey home in my beloved MINI cooper, I’m so proud of where this journey has brought us and I’m privileged to have met you all.

I would love to hear your stories so please do share them with me as I have follow up projects coming up and a few interviews as well so do make sure you email them over to me.

What we have achieved together is incredible and I’ve loved being part of your team so I hope this can continue so we generate new ideas!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be creating a new challenge starting in August so watch this space!


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