Whether you’re in, out or shaking it all about; it’s good to generate some happiness!

The EU referendum seems to have divided many and in times like this, it is kindness that defies all odds and outshines the negativity. To start a chain of positive events, I wanted to put together something a little different for us HR folk to exercise a skill that we don’t use as often as we should and ultimately, what we are built to do; motivate and support people.

I am therefore launching my first initiative to combat the negatives and I’d like to welcome you to the HR Acts of Kindness which I hope will put a little spring back into our step!

Every day at 7:30am for five days I will set a challenge for you to complete and in return I’d love for you to tell me your stories by either email or tweet me using the hashtag HRActofKindness this is by no means just a short sharp exercise, this is something you can pass on to others and revisit time and time again!

Just to highlight; the HR Act of Kindness does not need to cost money, it’s all about finding a way of brightening a colleague’s day, it will motivate employees, make work more enjoyable and give them something positive to talk about.

Your chosen people don’t have to be in HR and if you can get 5 different people in a week then why not get them to join in by spreading the word so they then continue the chain? If you are on Twitter, tag 5 people to get them to join in too!

So get ready to motivate and inspire those around you, let us lead a positive change!


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