A message of love and hope

Hope and Love

I wanted to post something out of the ordinary for this extraordinary world we seem to be currently living in, with the EU referendum just hours away and the bloodshed we have witnessed in the last two weeks; it really brings home what is truly important; family, love, hope and friendship.

The horrific scenes we have witnessed in Orlando have not just shocked the community, but the have shocked the world. My heart goes out to the families of the victims and my message is simple; love will always win.

We may tend to feel helpless and lost at times like these but it is important to remember that whilst it is for the wrong reasons, the victims have left a legacy symbolising hope and togetherness. In the heart of London, there was a strong undeniable unity with the LGBT community and I stopped what I was doing to listen to a choir that had come together to sing for the victims and despite the loss that they felt, the unity and support shone through; proving that love wins.

Only a few days later we then heard the awful news that MP Jo Cox had been murdered in the street. Mrs Cox was a loving mother, wife and worked hard for what she truly believed in, serving her community. She was a pioneer for women in politics, an inspiration to so many and she spoke for those who could not speak for themselves. Her loss is a great one that will be will be felt in parliament for many years to come.

At times like these it seems that there are far more questions than there are answers so whilst I don’t have a resolution, I seek comfort in the strength of others as demonstrated by Brendon Cox; the way to fight hate is with love.

One feeling that resonated with me the most was to take some time to appreciate the little things in life that we so often take for granted so I spent a rare weekend with my mum, sister and brother, hugging them just that little bit tighter before I left for my journey home.

Spend time on the important things; share special moments with those dear to you and love will shine through to give us strength and restore our faith during the dark times because ultimately if there is love then there will always be hope.



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