Well-being in the spotlight

Following one of my previous blog posts, I emphasised the importance of workplace well-being and the benefits that it can bring to both the employer and employees.

Since the blog post, John Lewis has revealed that it has saved over £2 million pounds since it has introduced and Occupational Health intervention. Whilst they are traditionally known for looking after their employees, the objectives they set were centered around the employee rather than a focus on what they would gain as an employer and the results they have produced are astounding.

The approach certainly was not a “one size fits all” it was tailor made to the needs of the employees by providing them with an opportunity to self-manage their own absence which in turn, enhanced its effectiveness.

By handling the situation proactively, the business was able to get employees back into work quicker, resulting in less working time lost and making the employees feel valued by their employer.

It really makes a great read and students, this will certainly help in a case study! To read the detailed article from Personnel Today please view it here: http://www.personneltoday.com/hr/john-lewis-saves-over-2m-with-occupational-health-physiotherapy/

Congratulations to the John Lewis Partnership on this fantastic achievement and may many other companies follow your lead.


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