Shoot for the moon!

Shoot for the moonHello everyone, I hope you’re having a successful start to 2016 so far!

Recently I applied to become an ambassador for the CIPD Steps Ahead mentoring programme and I am so proud to say that I was successful! I am so happy at this achievement I could actually burst, so what better time to talk celebrating your achievements than now? Perfect timing springs to mind!

My aim as ambassador is to get as many people involved in the scheme as possible both mentors and mentees so I am speaking with a lot of contacts in the press to try and get some increased coverage so watch this space!

When we sit down and set our goals, we always keep the focus on the end result, that is what helps us achieve them, but when you get there, you simply cannot beat that feeling. The goal doesn’t have to be huge, it can be something small but it is what it means to you that is the key thing.

One of my biggest achievements was being a finalist at the 2012 CIPD awards when I was nominated for the Michael Kelly Student of the year award. I was a highly commended runner up at the event and the only person who didn’t win an award who was mentioned in the winners book which is great as I made some wonderful contacts as a result. I had a great support network around me too, my CEO at Circle Express nominated me for the award and my tutors at Acacia Learning were over the moon at having a student nominated so it just goes to show if you push hard enough, anything is possible.

I have achieved so much in my career and all working from scratch from the bottom up so when people say they can’t do something, I am living proof that you can!

Thank you for all your pictures of your post it notes over the past few weeks, I’d love to see more of your goals and ambitions on your post it notes, and if you need any advice from me, feel free to use my contact details in the contact tab.

2016 is our year so let’s get those goals set and shoot for the moon!


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