What can HR offer future talent? Steps Ahead update

First of all I have some news to share, I have applied to become a Steps Ahead Ambassador! I am so passionate about this programme (not that you don’t know this already!) and feel that the ability to take this on further both nationally and locally would be such an amazing achievement so do keep your fingers crossed for me!
As I continue to mentor through the Steps Ahead programme, I have uncovered so many things that HR can offer to young job seekers. By highlighting these key points, I hope that other professionals reading this will consider taking some time out of their busy schedules to help a young person into employment.
1. Experience – Let’s face it, we face so many different situations and know exactly how to handle them! We know exactly what perspective employers are looking for when it comes to recruiting, sometimes all it takes is a reshuffled CV, interview advice and a bit of encouragement. HR professionals generally love their profession so why not show off the skills we studied and work so hard for?
2. Connections – Most HR professionals network. We have access to hundreds of contacts via Linked In, recruitment agencies, CIPD branch events, networking groups and in our workplaces. By utilizing these contacts we expand our own networks to provide opportunity to the mentees, it really is as simple as that!
3. Knowledge – We have expert insight into industry trends and commercial knowledge that will assist the young job seekers to ensure they are clear about the companies that they would like to approach as a perspective employer. This also reduces the risk of them just applying for “any old job” causing them to be unhappy as well as wasting both the mentee and employers time.
4. Professional behaviors – we know the basics! We know how you should present yourself at interviews and how to draw out experience into something anyone could work with. The difference between school/university life is very different from the working world and can be a culture shock but these are things that mentors can underpin by having this understanding.
Once again thank you for reading my blog, I am over the moon at the feedback and responses I receive! Please feel free to comment, suggest future posts or share with your connections.

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