Make 2016 your most successful year yet!

With a brand new year comes 365 fresh pages to fill! As with many resolutions and their good intentions, after a few weeks they can start to go by the wayside and we start to lose interest so here are my tips on how to succeed at setting those goals and achieving them:
  1. Write your goals down

Grab a diary or even a whiteboard (if you are a visual like me!) and write them down, by simply having them written down can increase your motivation, think of them as pinning them to the paper so you have a firm grip on them and remain focused. When you set the goals be realistic, break the actions into smaller pieces to work through one step at a time and most of all be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

2. Believe in yourself

This is one of the most important things to keep ahead of the goals is to believe you can do it, if you don’t you’ll be disappointed and are less likely to achieve the goals you set out. Confidence is key and by believing you can do it, you may just surprise yourself!


3. Go for it!
Post it notes are fantastic, make them your new best friend!! Write out the smaller pieces of your goals on to post it notes and place one to achieve each day, put it somewhere familiar to you – mine actually go by my kettle on a mug as it’s the first place I go to in the morning (I am a self-confessed tea junkie!) that way you’ll remind yourself of that step that needs to be achieved. Let’s see those post it notes – send me your pictures of your post it’s and I’ll put them up on the blog!   

Let’s go for it together and make 2016 our most successful year yet!
 Good luck!

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