Business experts share their lessons from the last year: Feature with Gazprom Energy


Early last month, I was approached by a Marketing Executive from Gazprom Energy to provide them with the thoughts of HR as we reflect upon 2017 and prepare for the business year in 2018. I was delighted to represent our profession and feature in their thought provoking piece.

The article features a review of business practices over the past 12 months, and explores the anticipated challenges faced by businesses as we lead into 2018. The article features the following topics:

  • Promote a happy workforce
  • Understand the importance of digital marketing
  • Don’t be afraid of change
  • Focus on your customers
  • Don’t forget your brand
  • The value of human resources
  • Ensure your team are on the same page

The feature has been published on Gazprom’s website, and I am proud to represent the value of HR within businesses. There are lots of other business experts that are included, so I hope you enjoy the article which can be found here.


The HR Elf on the Shelf – Day 6!

I hope you all enjoyed some tech down time yesterday, sometimes it is worth switching off once in a while to appreciate what we work so hard for.

Task six – Do something helpful for someone

The HR Elf on the Shelf – Day 5!

I hope you’re enjoying our little elf-less challenges!

Task five – When you get home tonight, turn off the technology and have a conversation with your spouse/partner/loved one or have a conversation with a friend or relative, really listen to them

Taking some time out from technology to really listen to people is essential for our relationships and wellbeing.

If you enjoy this task, then do check out Digitox, a book by Mark Ellis (no relation!) to see the real benefits of taking time out