Be a #HRStar

We may be used to everyday HR activity so how do we break that cycle and develop ourselves as practitioners?

This is a question I regularly think about and after the success of #HRActofKindness I needed something to follow it up that could also bring a positive impact on HR careers as a whole all through the simplest of channels.
Then it suddenly dawned on me how I could achieve this and #HRStar was born!
I look forward to sharing the opening week with you all on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

#HRActofKindness Simply Thank You…

Congratulations to all who took part in the #HRActofKindness challenge over the past five days.

Since the challenge began I have been inspired, connected with people all over the world (hello New Zealand, South Africa and USA!) and have pushed myself way out of my comfort zone.

This initiative has done exactly what it was designed to do; bring people together and to make us more aware of our surroundings.

The stories I have received have been incredible to read and whilst they may seem like small acts, they make a huge difference.

From an idea that stemmed from my journey home in my beloved MINI cooper, I’m so proud of where this journey has brought us and I’m privileged to have met you all.

I would love to hear your stories so please do share them with me as I have follow up projects coming up and a few interviews as well so do make sure you email them over to me.

What we have achieved together is incredible and I’ve loved being part of your team so I hope this can continue so we generate new ideas!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be creating a new challenge starting in August so watch this space!


#HRActofKindness Challenge 5: Create your own kindness

Good morning on this very rainy day! I hope you are all well and ready to take on our final challenge of what has been the most incredible week.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part, I intend to read everyone’s stories over the coming days and pick my favourites to place on to here so do email them over to me at

Today’s challenge is about creating your own kindness, so to continue the challenge into everyday life:

Create your own #HRActofKindness list of 5 challenges

and complete one challenge every week


#HRActofKindness Challenge Four: Smile, it’s Monday!

Good morning and happy Monday to you all!

I hope you all enjoyed spending time with your colleagues on Friday, my team certainly appreciated getting out of the office for a change!

We are responsible for the energy that we bring into our work, Monday’s are known for being a bit tedious so today’s challenge is pretty simple:


Do something that will make your colleagues around you smile