#HRActofKindness Challenge Two: Reconnect

Welcome to day two and our second challenge. I hope you enjoyed yesterday and I’m looking forward to hearing what you got up to!

Reconnect with a former colleague or connection on Linked In or grab a coffee with a colleague that you’ve not had time for recently.


#HRActofKindness Challenge One: Recognition

Good morning and welcome to challenge one. We are not starting small; today’s challenge is exactly that, a challenge!

Don’t forget to let me know how you are getting on and spread the word, let’s show the world what HR can do! Have a fantastic day.

Recognise when a colleague is having a bad day or if they are struggling;

find out what you can do to help and support them





Whether you’re in, out or shaking it all about; it’s good to generate some happiness!

The EU referendum seems to have divided many and in times like this, it is kindness that defies all odds and outshines the negativity. To start a chain of positive events, I wanted to put together something a little different for us HR folk to exercise a skill that we don’t use as often as we should and ultimately, what we are built to do; motivate and support people.

I am therefore launching my first initiative to combat the negatives and I’d like to welcome you to the HR Acts of Kindness which I hope will put a little spring back into our step!

Every day at 7:30am for five days I will set a challenge for you to complete and in return I’d love for you to tell me your stories by either email or tweet me using the hashtag HRActofKindness this is by no means just a short sharp exercise, this is something you can pass on to others and revisit time and time again!

Just to highlight; the HR Act of Kindness does not need to cost money, it’s all about finding a way of brightening a colleague’s day, it will motivate employees, make work more enjoyable and give them something positive to talk about.

Your chosen people don’t have to be in HR and if you can get 5 different people in a week then why not get them to join in by spreading the word so they then continue the chain? If you are on Twitter, tag 5 people to get them to join in too!

So get ready to motivate and inspire those around you, let us lead a positive change!


Keep calm and put the kettle on …

Well now that the referendum is over and the results are in and as the nation awaits the next steps in this very complex process; at the forefront of my mind the words keep calm and carry on couldn’t be more fitting.

Regardless of how you have cast your vote, one thing that has really struck me is the way that people have begun treating their friends and families after the results were announced. Some of the things that I have witnessed on social media have genuinely shocked me just because the result was not as expected.

It is understandable that there is uncertainty and that people have genuine concerns for the future but by demonstrating intolerance or a complete lack of respect of other people’s opinions is something that just does not sit right with me. All of our beliefs and views are different and by resorting to personal insults against those closest to you are not the answer when we are needed to work this through together. After all, this is what makes us human and why we have a democracy.

Please remember that these words and insults cannot be taken back and can cause unnecessary divides in households and friendships at a time where we should be united. We are better than this and our future generations deserve better. We should be handling this in a mature manner and with graciousness, not pointing the finger and embarrassing ourselves in the history books; after all, it’s just not British is it?!

It is important for us all to take a deep breath and realise that the changes will not be immediate and will take at least two years to allow time for our Government and UK businesses to adjust to the new developments. From a HR perspective, there may be changes that become apparent quite quickly, employees may have questions and it is important to have an open door relationship to allow them to voice their concerns. Other changes such as the right to work in the UK, employee regulations and rights may take some time to define, so at the moment it is business as usual until the CIPD and Government advise us otherwise.

For now all we can do is wait for the government to unveil their plans. In the meantime, keep calm and carry on… I’m off for a cuppa!